Why Choose Us?

Maintaining your boat is rewarding, but oh boy is it a lot of work. You bought this to enjoy it, and you deserve to enjoy it. Have us show up and keep it presentable for you so it is not another chore on your list. Whether it just needs a wash, or a total restoration let us do the heavy lifting. We love the work, and we love to see you smiling when your precious vessel is freed from filth. We are very competitive on price, so anyone can enjoy the luxury of having their boat cleaned by us, we leave A Lasting Impression.  


You don’t even have to be there while it is happening. Trailer, dock, or marina, we will show up and make the magic happen. Feel free to stroll in at the end to examine the good work we provided. When she has been stamped with your seal of approval, we will leave her with you, all shiny and new.