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Why get a Ceramic Coating for your boat? 

Detailing is essential for safeguarding your investment. Our goal is to maintain your boat looking as new as the day it was purchased while also building long-term connections with our clients. From bow to stern, you can expect your boat to look its finest! 

During its lifespan, your boat will be roasted by the sun, assaulted by harsh seawater, rained on, dinged by docking, and grabbed onto by barnacles and other marine creatures, among other things. This frequent exposure to the elements, however, reduces the longevity of your vessel’s gel coat. Knowing this, it’s critical to protect your boat via routine maintenance and upkeep. Ceramic coating is one of the most effective techniques to extend the life of your gel coat and give it a more lustrous appearance. 

Ceramic coating is a wonderful investment for your vessel when done properly. Protective coatings will save time and money for boat owners by providing a long-lasting alternative to standard marine waxing. 

Having to get four wax coats a year can be a serious pain to schedule and will be very expensive. For half the price you would spend over the course of two years you can have a better-looking coat applied. A lot less sticks to the Ceramic as well, making all the in-between washes a breeze. 


Decontamination Wash + Coating 

  • Waxes, Fillers, and Scum stripped of the paint to allow proper ceramic bondage.  
  • Ceramic applied on all outer gelcoat surfaces and windows. 

Stained Gelcoat 

$100-$150 per ft. 

Gelcoat with green scum staining that requires a polish to remove. 

New Gelcoat 

$80-$100 per ft. 

Boats that do not require a polish to remove any contaminates. 

Interior Coatings 

Protection against UV and Saltwater Damage. Great for new boats.  

**Price varies based on the amount of Leather vs. Exposed Gelcoat.** 


  • Interior gelcoat: decontamination wipe down and coating. 3-5 year coating.  

Example: 23 ft. Wakesetter - $ 350 (not much exposed gelcoat) 

  • Vinyl and Leather: Ceramic applied on all leather seating and vinyl trim. 3 year coating. Price varies based on boat size and amount of leather.  

Example: 23 ft. Wakesetter - $700 (gelcoat is covered by leather trim) 

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