RV or 5th Wheel Ceramic Protection Package

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$75.00 USD
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$75.00 USD

Why Ceramic Coat your RV & 5th Wheel? 

Your camper will be protected from UV rays, oxidation, chemical stains, and etching with a ceramic coating. It provides a higher gloss, which improves the paint’s reflecting qualities and makes it appear better. It also makes cleaning your camper much easier because it repels water, mud, and grime. You’ll expend less energy, which means you’ll spend less time maintaining your camper and more time enjoying it. 

Due to the strength of the coatings, ceramic coatings offer extreme resistance to environmental factors from chemicals, both high and low on the PH spectrum. Coatings protect against bird droppings, tree sap, UV rays, harsh cleaning chemicals, and more. Ceramic coating strong UV protection blocks nearly all the UV spectrum from reaching your vehicle’s paint. Due to the protection, your vehicle’s paint will retain that rich and shiny gloss for years. 

Starting at $75.00/ft

  •  Includes Deluxe Exterior Package  
  •  Compound Buff & Polish Exterior Paint 
  •  9H Ceramic Coat 
  •  Ceramic Topcoat 
  • 3 year ceramic coating: Price varies by footage 
  • Includes warranty of topcoat 1 time a year for 3 years 
  • 5 year ceramic coating: Price varies by footage  

 Includes warranty of topcoat 1 time a year for 5 years